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MatPak Yoga Bag: Fits up to XL mats. Pockets for block, towels, and personal gear. Use as sling or backpack.

YogaRat's all-new, just-updated MatPak, is a convenient, flexible, stylish, and affordable way to tote your stuff to and from yoga.  A zippered, expandable front-side pocket even allows you to take your own block to class. Spacious: ventilated main compartment accommodates up to a 26" x 85" yoga mat and generously sized zippered pockets swallow up towels, personal effects, and other essentials, while your yoga block (up to 4" x 6" x 9") and water bottle have dedicated compartments of their own. Flexible: use it like a backpack, over the shoulder, or across the back like a mat sling.  Tough: like all of YogaRat’s products, the MatPak is built to last.

Black MatPak

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Indigo MatPak

From $ 49.99

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