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RatPad: The Original Yoga Pad. 1” thick eco-foam cushion complements your yoga mat. Get more comfort in your practice.

Tired of folding over your mat for knee-to-floor poses, or worse, grinning and bearing the discomfort if your yoga mat isn’t thick enough? Experience true "knee-vana" with RatPad, the original yoga pad, only by YogaRat! Small, featherweight, and made from nontoxic, moisture-proof foam material that's both recyclable and photodegradable, the RatPad is the perfect companion to your mat--for when your knees, elbows, or head could use a little extra comfort. Closed cell in construction means the RatPad will not absorb any moisture during use, and can be easily cleaned under a faucet and dried with a towel. The RatPad has excellent foam density and response, so it will absorb the weight of your practice, instead of your joints.

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